Smart internet for agriculture

We help farmers and their cooperation partners. We reduce administrative costs, accelerate administrative and legal processes, optimise logistics, increase sales efficiency and profit.

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Digital platform reduces administrative costs, optimises logistics and increases sales efficiency in agriculture.
Reduction of administrative costs
Reduction of logistics expenses
Transaction acceleration

Your new
Personal Office

On-line conclusion of sales and purchase transactions, hedging, obtaining loans, providing logistics, history of your transactions, analytics, personal calendar, bonuses.

Our services 



Sales or purchase of crops

Selling and buying grain from a virtual elevator on-line, using block chain.

Purchase of fertilisers, seeds

If you want to buy fertilisers or seeds - make an order and receive them at a convenient time with minimal purchase price and transportation costs.

Transaction Insurance

Insure your deals and future harvest with our platform without leaving your home.

Seasonal financing

Any supplier of fertilisers or a grain producer can receive factoring or a loan, secured by the future crop.


Reduce the risk and fix the future price with hedging, using Cropton platform.


Logistics services have never been more convenient and cheaper - the artificial intelligence of the Cropton platform will find the best delivery option for you.

Build your successful

business yourself

It is a big challenge, but that is possible with Cropton platform.

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